Harley J. Sims

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current and ongoing...

the Unsung. (novel)

Yeah, you've seen it on the other pages, but it's certainly an ongoing project. A lot was left on the cutting room floor (illustrations, footnotes, etc) which I intend to bring into future editions.

Some of this material has already appeared on my Facebook posts, so give me a follow if you're interested in hearing  more about the characters and their world.

the Unforgotten. (working title)

The next story is well underway. It takes place in the uttermost north of the Kingdom of Knaks, whither few roads lead, and where memories can bleed a man dry. Yet even here, where the sky holds only one sun and one moon, echoes of disaster trouble the loneliness.

At the pace it's going, it should take far less to finish than the twenty years it took to write the Unsung..