Harley J. Sims

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My Interests

      Aside from reading, writing, and studying languages, my interests include weightlifting and arbitrating disputes between my children. A lot of my schedule answers to parenthood, which any parent can attest to. 

I grew up blue collar, and I'm ferociously proud of it. Teach me something about wine, and I'll teach you how to shotgun a beer. Then we can either compare DC and Marvel films, or talk about why Borges is the greatest Nobel laureate who never was.

I've always been into fitness and strength athletics; I follow the Strongman circuit, powerlifting, and bodybuilding pretty religiously. I competed as a natural bodybuilder a couple of times in the early 2000s, and I still enjoy recreational powerlifting, though I think my PRs are long behind me (best gym total 702kg at 100kg bodyweight). Don't ask me for proof. I'm not one of those guys that takes a camera to a gym.

I've also been known to play a video game from time to time. I've written a few articles about them, and I've long mused about starting a YouTube gaming channel (I think I'd be a little late to the Klondike for any gold with that one, though). Currently giving Anthem a shot (despite all the bad press), and slowly working my way through Red Dead Redemption 2. Fun fact: my daughter first overheard swear words on Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. I would only play it after I put her to bed, but she used to sneak downstairs, hide, and watch me play from a corner of the room. I eventually noticed, but by then it was too late. To this day, we call them ''Witcher-words" in our house. 

Here are some pictures.

 Halifax Court House, February 2013

     Babysitting as my wife covers the espionage trial of Jeffrey Delisle. She's the one wearing the sling as she holds the camera overhead.


 Playing around at Jakaból in Reykjavík, May 2015


     Jakaból is Magnús Ver Magnússon's strongman gym, hidden under a supermarket on Arnarbakki. Hafþór Björnsson, who plays Gregor Clegane ("The Mountain") in Game of Thrones also trains here.

I'm sure my Norse professors would prefer I translate the 'Aumingjar' in the background of the left photo as 'wretches', but 'pussies' or 'wimps' is more accurate here. The rubber-coated Atlas Stone in the photo on the right is 100kg (so, my bodyweight). It was the biggest one sitting out when my buddy and I were there. I imagine the 500-pounders were locked up somewhere. Good thing. 

Canoeing the Petawawa River, Algonquin Park, June 2016

Gray and me shooting the Rollway Rapids. Or it might have been The Natch. Either way, thanks to Clarence for the great shot.