Harley J. Sims

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Fantasy has never been so popular, and so pervasive, as it is now.

From three-hundred-million-dollar films to indie game-lit novels, there's something for every age and taste. And it doesn't seem like we can ever have enough.

We lose ourselves across countless worlds. And we live and die as so many people, our identities begin to fragment. Is it healthy? Probably not. Good thing the real world's so much healthier.

There's not a lot I don't love, but it needs to be sincere. I have to smell the sweat that went into it. A multiverse is no place for mediocrity.

Le Guin, Sapkowski, Moorcock. Rothfuss, Willingham, Gaiman, Beagle. Tolkien, of course. Susanna Clarke. Frank Miller. Miyazaki. Robert E. Howard. E.R. Eddison. Jim Henson.

D&D, Pathfinder, Final Fantasy. Quest for Glory. The Witcher.

Legends. Fairy-tales. Mythology. This genre is in our genome. 

Fantasy audiences know what they love, and I get that. But I also believe that the genre is ripe for evolution. There's plenty of room, and I want to see how deep we can take it. 

What does that mean? Just about anything. This is Fantasy, after all. Run it past me.